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At OEM Paints we offer unique, innovative and specially formulated aerosol colors that meet the highest standards of quality and performance.  Our formulation expertise, convenient packaging and flexible manufacturing systems allow us to build custom products.  These are the latest top-of-the-line colors for profesional and do-it-yourself applications.  Best of all, products of OEM Paints are recognized as a true sign of excellence and they're made in the USA!
Don't settle for an off-the-shelf solution.  OEM Paints custom filling capabilities ensure that you get original equipment colors and component finishes manufactured with today's technology.  Most importantly, it's delivered when you need it.  Order after order, the color your expect is the one you get.  Count on OEM Paints to consistently come through with the best solutions for those little pieces that can make a big difference.  Especially when those little pieces don't have the right factory color or they're scratched, rusted or faded.  OEM Paints complete line of efficient aerosols will fill just about any refinishing need.  Rely on us as your single source for a spectrum of colors and services.

All of us have a shared responsibility to take care of the air we breathe.  That's why products of OEM Paints meet strict air quality standards in all 50 states – do yourself and the earth a favor by using these products.  They're free of ozone-depleting CFC's, lead and chromates.  We've also taken the extra step to ensure that our EcoFormulated products provide the performance you've learned to trust.  We continually research new products, develop state-of-the-art technology, and meet environmental and regulatory requirements.  OEM Paints – Making Cleaner Paints For A Cleaner Tomorrow!®

We have the winning formula for performance!

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